About Me

Margaret Webster is a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. She is a graduate of the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America founded by renowned clinical hypnotherapist, author and instructor, Tim Simmerman Sierra. Margaret has received 500 hours of Hypnotherapy training by certified, professional Hypnotherapists and instructors, physicians, and researchers in Integral Hypnotherapy.

Integral Hypnotherapy is the only style of Hypnotherapy that has been scientifically validated through a 4-year National Institute of Health funded study to be effective, and in many cases "superior" to other modalities. Integral Hypnotherapy is an adaptive, client-centered, collaborative approach to Hypnotherapy. The client chooses their goal and the client and Hypnotherapist work together to design the best suggestions and protocols to meet the client's goal.

Margaret struggled with her own health issues for many years and was told by multiple medical professionals that she would live with chronic pain for the rest of her life. Unwilling to accept this answer she sought out alternatives.

"When someone suggested hypnotherapy, I wasn't terribly confident, but I was willing to try anything to get my life back. I was so happy with the results that in addition to working with my hypnotherapist for adjunct medical support, I worked with her on other issues as well, such as managing grief and to achieve goals in my life. Having first-hand experience with Hypnotherapy, I became passionate about bringing it's healing effects to others."

Margaret is now offering Integral Hypnotherapy virtually and will be offering in-person sessions when Covid restrictions are lifted. Contact her today at 720-432-2379 to schedule your complimentary 20-minute consultation.