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Negative thoughts and complex relationships with the world around you can start to weigh you down. You can free yourself from those burdens with help from Hypnotherapy. Margaret Webster is a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Thornton, CO, serving the Metro area. She is dedicated to helping people correct their negative thought patterns, achieve their goals and live their best life.

Clients use hypnotherapy for anxiousness, correcting bad habits like smoking, sleep issues, weight loss, medical support, self-esteem and many other common issues. By accessing your subconscious thoughts while your conscious mind rests, you are able to begin creating the life you want.

Discover how Margaret can help you

There are a lot of reasons to try hypnotherapy. You can come to Margaret to:

• Slim down to your ideal body weight.  Be motivated to live a healthy lifestyle
• Stop smoking, forever this time
• Adjunct Medical Support - Including but not limited to Pre and post Surgical Support, Pain management, Overactive Bladder Syndrome and more.
• Manage pain naturally, including childbirth.  
• Increase self-esteem, self-confidence
• Learn to relax, sleep well, awaken refreshed
• Improve focus. Accelerate learning and improve test taking
• Attain Peak performance. Get into and stay in the Zone
• Achieve your Business and Career goals.
• End fear of Public Speaking and performing
• Free yourself of resentment, hostility and fear
• Trauma recovery.  Heal the past.  
• Resolve unhealthy habits.
• Explore your life's greatest purpose through Past Life Regression.

You'll be able to live a more balanced and manageable life when you refine your subconscious thoughts. Schedule your free 20 minute consultation today. Don't live in the Denver Metro area? We offer virtual appointments!


Challenge your preconceived notions of hypnotherapy.


Smoking Cessation

Eliminate your desire for cigarettes.

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Develop a better relationship with food and exercise.

Weight Loss

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It's important to find a hypnotherapist you can relax and collaborate with. You can feel comfortable working with Margaret because she:

Takes the time to understand her client's needs

Is a fellow at the International Board of Hypnotherapy

Does everything possible to create a positive atmosphere

Is a graduate from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America

You'll be happy you teamed up with Margaret when you start experiencing results. Most clients see improvements in as little as six to 10 sessions. Call now at 720-432-2379 to schedule a virtual session.